SAP Consulting notes, a real treasure for SAP Consultants

SAP Consulting notes, a real treasure for SAP Consultants

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Author: Petros Telelis

In this article, we will refer to the rich source of knowledge that SAP offers to its entire ecosystem (SAP partners, consultants, ABAP developers, key users, and customers) in the form of documents named SAP consulting notes.
For a software manufacturing company, the keyword “note” is normally implying a somehow negative energy in the sense that IT people tend to link the notes in their minds with bug fixes and/or standard system behaviors justifications that in most of the cases do not fully satisfy the customers. Here, however, we shed some more light to another category of SAP notes that they manage to provide detailed information on very specific topics such as production planning and optimization processes, that require extensive specialized knowledge as the one offered publicly to the readers in the form of a consulting note.

Where to find SAP Consulting notes

In order to get access to the SAP Consulting notes, one needs to have access to SAP ONE Support Launchpad.

From the initial search screen, you can type in the search command field, while having selected the Knowledge Base category, the keywords consulting notes is followed by the area of interest, for example, SNP, PPDS, APO S4 HANA, optimization, Heuristics and so on.

For example:

Searching for consulting notes in the areas of SAP Supply Network Planning (SAP SNP).

Basic characteristics of consulting notes

They are usually not related to specific software version (universal notes), that is they are general notes whose information, most of the cases do not lie within other official material from SAP like for example certification material and exams, F1 search help, or SAP Help Portal.

There are existing even some special consulting notes like the one previewed above, that they are used as composite SAP note, advising how a consultant can reach easier all the related consulting notes in certain expert area, like for example SNP/CTM environment.

An example of a consulting note in SNP/CTM

As an example, I present you the list of notes as these are mentioned on the consulting note for SNP/CTM, that they have also been a very useful reference for past projects. (in brackets the note number).

Guidelines for note searching in SCM-APO-SNP and SCM-APO-SDM (797264)
Periodic Lot Sizes in the SNP Heuristic (503109)
Scheduling logic in the SNP Heuristic (1045636)
Performance: Tips for improving heuristic performance (991089)
Results with direct delivery in the SNP heuristic (912887)
MRP areas in Interactive Planning (663420)
Optimizer provides unclear results (420650)
TLB and automatic parallelization (961488)
Switching from old to new TLB planning (707828)
SNP-Safety stock is ignored (708910)
FAQ : Capable-to-Match (CTM) planning (855229)
BAdI Info for Modifying Optimizer Input and Output (542145)
CTM: BADI for influencing substitutions (452427)


SAP Consulting notes, as well as permanent access to contemporary tools like SAP Learning Hub, SAP press books and articles library subscriptions, IDES SAP Fiori environments, and most importantly the participation of our consultants in global state of the art SAP production planning optimization projects, keep the whole IT-TELESIS team up to date and ready to offer you at any time and with combination of remote spot consulting and onsite sessions, of successful selection of optimization strategy for your upcoming projects. For a full profile of our team, you may click here.