Introducing Asprova in Greece, Japan’s #1 Production Scheduling Software

Introducing Asprova in Greece, Japan’s #1 Production Scheduling Software

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Authors: Andreas Kasapleris


  • Purpose of this Blog
  • ASPROVA AG and IT-TELESIS Partnership
  • What is Asprova
  • Asprova Modules
  • Asprova Object-Oriented Model
  • Asprova Production Scheduling Objects and GUI
  • Asprova integration with ERPs and External systems
  • Asprova integration with Databases
  • Asprova Extensibility
  • Site references

Purpose of this Blog

This blog post aims to make a short introduction to Asprova Production Scheduling software for the Greek market.


Asprova Corporation was founded in 1994 as the first company in Japan to specialize in Production Scheduling software. Since then, it focuses solely on the development and sales of the Asprova Production Scheduling software. Over these years, it has continued to upgrade the software taking into account the feedback from manufacturing customers worldwide. Not only the high market share in Japan (60%), but the corporation’s international and multilingual support spanning up to 10 countries has allowed the implementation of Asprova in more than 30 countries and over 2,800 site installations overall.

ASPROVA AG is the representative company of Asprova Corporation for the region of Europe.
IT-TELESIS is a Greek firm offering consulting, customizing, and training services, specializing in the areas of Supply Chain Management (SCM) and Production Scheduling.
In 2021 IT-TELESIS has become an official representative and Certified Partner of ASPROVA AG for Asprova Scheduling software in Greece.

What is Asprova

Asprova is a software for companies that run manufacturing or production operations. It specializes in the Planning and Scheduling of the Production Processes participating in the manufacturing and supply chain and its aim is to assist with the better management and synchronization of the company’s overall Resources. It includes many customizable features and options for running production scheduling and supply chain activities, serving even the most demanding production environments. Results of production scheduling come in seconds and are presented in easy-to-use User Interfaces (GUI) based on Gantt Charts, Graphs, and Views supporting drill-down and drag n drop capabilities.

Asprova also includes import/export utilities for its internal and custom-created Objects, easy interface to databases, integration capabilities to many ERPs, and options for the development of custom plug-ins using programming environments (.NET).

Asprova software offers solutions for the following industrial sectors: Auto & Auto Parts, Chemical, Food and Consumer, Hi-Tech, Machinery and Components, Materials.

Asprova Modules

Asprova has the following options for modules:

  • Asprova SCP (Supply Chain Planning).
    Asprova SCP is used to make the procurement schedule, production schedule, and delivery schedule of the supply chain in overall perspective according to demands, customers, DC (Distribution Center), factories, suppliers.
  • Asprova APS (Advanced Planning and Scheduling)
    Asprova APS is used for planning a long-term / midterm / short-term schedule for Sales, Purchases, Inventory, and Manufacturing in a single module.
  • Asprova MS (Manufacturing Scheduler)
    Asprova MS is used for short-term planning and scheduling based on Inventory and Manufacturing processes.
  • Asprova MRP (Material Requirements Planning)
    Asprova MRP is used for the planning of Materials requirements. Asprova MRP performs MRP calculation at ultra-high speed. Scheduling results will be output to the Purchase Plan, Order table, and Operation table.
  • Asprova SED (Schedule Editor)
    Asprova SED is used to plan and edit schedules manually. Asprova SED is a dedicated module for manually creating and changing schedules with a Gantt chart or Dispatching view.
  • Asprova BOM (Bill Of Material)
    Asprova BOM is used to create and edit Production Bills of Materials. Asprova BOM is a terminal for inputting the Integrated Master. The master data of each item will be managed in a single table, and users may confirm the unified master data at a glance. Visual representation of an item’s BOM structure is a built-in capability of Asprova.
  • Asprova MES (Manufacturing Execution System)
    Asprova MES is used to view finalized schedules and input results. On Asprova MES, users may refer to the plans they have created and input the production results.
  • Asprova NLS (Network License Server)
    Asprova NLS (Network License Server) is the module (License Manager), which controls the number of licenses that are concurrently in use under the network environment. This allows to use Asprova from any machine on which Asprova is installed.
  • Asprova DS (Data Server)
    One project file can be registered to Asprova DS (Data Server), and multiple users can edit that project file at the same time.

Asprova Object-Oriented Model

Asprova is built upon a modern architectural model using the Object-Oriented programming principles. Its mechanisms and functionalities are based on Objects (Classes). For example, the Orders table is an Object and functionality of the Orders table that can be extended by adding new Properties to it.

Asprova Production Scheduling Objects and GUI

Asprova includes many Objects with numerous Properties participating in the production scheduling process. Below are listed a few of them.

  • Shifts Object
  • Calendar Object
  • Customer Object
  • Orders Object
  • Processes Object
  • Resources Object
  • Items Object
  • Integrated Master Editor, used for the definition of Items BOMs
  • Setup tables for Items and Resources
  • Specs tables for Items, Resources, and Orders
  • Operations

All Objects correspond to tables and are extendable and customizable. Pivoting, grouping, sorting, and filtering operations are supported for all tables.

The GUI Objects of Asprova present the results of scheduling in a graphical manner using Gantt Charts. Some of the Asprova GUI Objects, Graphs, and Views are:

  • Resource Gannt Chart
  • Pegged Orders Gantt Chart
  • Order Gantt Chart
  • Operations Gantt Chart
  • Dispatching View
  • Load Graph
  • Inventory Graph
  • Lead Time Graph
  • Due Date Achievement Graph
  • HTML View

All Asprova GUI Objects, Graphs, and Views are fully customizable.

Asprova integration with ERPs and External systems

Asprova can integrate with customers’ existing ERP systems such as SAP, ORACLE, Microsoft Dynamics, QAD, and all  Greek ERPs. It can also integrate with any of the customers’ existing proprietary systems.

Asprova integration with Databases

Asprova supports integration to commonly used databases such as SQL Server, Oracle, Microsoft Access, and many others. This can be achieved via its Database Object (DBIO Object) which is fully customizable.

DBIO Object can also support import and export operations from or to Excel files, text, or csv files without the need of any programming.

To mention an example, connection to Microsoft databases such as SQL Server can be achieved using adaptors like the OLE DB provider for SQL Server or SQL Server Native Client or for Access Databases the Access OLE DB Provider.

Asprova Extensibility

Asprova has a variety of internal functions and commands which can be used during scheduling. It can further support the creation of custom internal functions and commands which extend its functionality. Asprova can integrate with Microsoft Visual Studio .NET via its DCOM libraries allowing this way endless customization capabilities.

For more information, you can always reach the IT-TELESIS team at

Site references

Asprova Web Site
IT Telesis Web Site